Bregenz 2015 – The Intercultural Post

(That’s actually Feldkirch, Austria. Not Bregenz!)

Because introductions are not my forte, I’m just going to start this post bluntly and say that this, as the title suggests, is the intercultural post on my trip to Bregenz, Austria. It is technically the final to my Intercultural Communications class, but hopefully will give me a record of who I am today and where I plan to be in the future. It will be kind of interesting looking back on this in a few years and seeing what came true and what didn’t! The post will try to follow sequential order, past first, present next, and future at the end, but other than that, sections will be random. It is a mixture of original work, as well as stories, poems, and photos that I created or took while in my Intercultural Communications class.

Another post will follow this one, talking about my entire trip in detail!

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The Official First Post

After several years’ hiatus from blogging, I have returned. Because it is a new blog, I suppose I am now obligated to write my “hello world” blog post. Here goes nothing!

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