The Official First Post

After several years’ hiatus from blogging, I have returned. Because it is a new blog, I suppose I am now obligated to write my “hello world” blog post. Here goes nothing!

My name William Carson, a Computer Science and Mathematics student in college as well as a software developer for an amazing company. I love programming, hiking, swimming, building computers, and reading. I don’t read as much as I would like to, but when I get into a good book I can never put it down. I am also really involved on my campus. I am an active member of the Quidditch Team and have (recently) been involved in government on campus. I have worked in the Space Science center on satellites and other projects. I work in PHP daily at my job and dabble in Javascript, Java, and C++ on the side. I hope that I’m getting across that I am a well-rounded person!

This blog will be a formal archive of my life. As I grow older, I will have more and more new experiences, traveling, pushing into the workforce, and basically growing as a person. Here I will speak about everything from traveling stories to updates on what I’m working on to tech news that I find very interesting. It will be a mind-dumping ground. It will be a “rubber duck” for me (see here). It will be whatever I want it to be, and I hope to keep it somewhat entertaining and stimulating at the same time. I won’t have a regular update schedule, but I hope to keep the content current.

As per my above statement, here is a picture of my puppy, Baxter. Just look at that face!

Welcome, and thanks for coming with me on my journey through this crazy thing that we call life!

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